Resource Spotlight: IEP Agenda Page for Teachers

Resource Spotlight: IEP Agenda Page for Teachers

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One of my favorite resources is the IEP Agenda Resource. (Grab yours HERE!) It’s designed for new special education or general education teachers to help stay on point as you work your way through the IEP process. You’ll have the opportunity to take notes and keep track of all of the important details. Additionally, it’ll help you become aware of how the process works if it’s not something you are already familiar with.

The document itself is four pages long and details all of the critical elements of the IEP. Some of the terms may be different based on the state you live in, but it’s the same order across the board for all IEPs.

Tips for Using the IEP Agenda Resource

On the first IEP Agenda page, you’ll notice that there is space for parent comments and concerns. I always recommend writing these items down so you can revisit them at the end of the IEP meeting and/or follow up with parents as necessary going forward.

The second page allows you to note any assessments that have or will be completed, review present levels and previous goals, and present and discuss new goals. These items are especially important to track if you are the responsible provider for any of the goals.

Page three is geared toward making sure that accommodations and modifications can be easily recalled and adhered to, and that the plan involves the least restrictive environment. Finally, you have a space to discuss any action steps that you need to take or anything that the IEP team needs to follow up with after the IEP meeting.

In order to help you navigate the process in the most effective way, I’ve included a couple of tips in the document as well to keep you on track. So, make sure to check those out as well.

Additional Resources for IEP Creation

I know that being a new teacher can seem overwhelming at times. There’s a lot to learn and more than often, that knowledge doesn’t come with a lot of support. Just know that I have your back. You deserve support that feels empowering and comfortable, and that’s why I’m here: to help you become the superhero teacher you are meant to be!

So, if you are looking for additional resources to keep you on track as a teacher, check out my website at and you can grab more information and support on my instagram page @ and my facebook page@

Sharing is caring!

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